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PSPaudioware PSP 608 MultiDelay VST V160 X86 X64

PSPaudioware PSP 608 MultiDelay VST V160 X86 X64

PSPaudioware PSP 608 MultiDelay is a powerful and versatile delay plug-in that offers up to eight taps of delay, each with its own set of parameters and effects. It is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms, and supports VST, AAX, AU, and RTAS formats. It requires an iLok account and software for authorization.


PSPaudioware PSP 608 MultiDelay is designed to be a creative tool that is not only functional, but also deeply inspiring. Each tap has selectable feedback, stereo image and position, delay time, multimode filter, modulation, drive/tape saturation, and reverb. Moreover, the feedback and drive can be placed at the beginning or end of the signal chain for even more sound design options. The modulation section offers both an LFO and envelope follower, and the tape saturation algorithm is taken from PSPaudioware's renowned mastering processors. And of course this can all be done at any bit depth and sample rate up to 24-bit/384 kHz, and be fully automated via MIDI and your host software.

PSPaudioware PSP 608 MultiDelay is suitable for a wide range of musical genres and applications, such as electronic music, ambient, soundscapes, dub, rock, pop, and more. It can create everything from subtle echoes and spatial effects to complex rhythmic patterns and wild feedback loops. It also comes with a large library of presets that show off different aspects of the plug-in and serve as a starting point for your own experiments.

PSPaudioware PSP 608 MultiDelay has been praised by many professional users and reviewers for its sound quality, ease of use, and flexibility. Some of the quotes are as follows:

  • "A multitap delay is an important part of every electronic musician's effects palette, and for quality and ease of use, it's hard to think of a better or more economical choice than the PSP 608." - Len Sasso, Electronic Musician

  • "What I look for in a plug-in is the ability to create musical effects that go some way beyond the norm but without getting so complicated you can't be bothered to use them at all. PSP seem to have exceeded these requirements by going further beyond the norm than usual, but they've still kept the user interface simple and they've created a large library of presets that show off different aspects of the plug-in. Even if you just tweak these rather than starting from scratch, you'll still get a lot out of it, and guitarists in particular will find this a very rewarding plug-in." - Paul White, Sound on Sound

  • "So PSP have done it again. Theyve taken a basic idea, made it sound beautiful and then pushed it just that bit further. The 608 is one of the best-sounding delays available, and no other plug-in so closely resembles a high-powered hardware delay unit." - Computer Music

If you are looking for a delay plug-in that can do more than just echo your sounds, PSPaudioware PSP 608 MultiDelay is a great choice. You can download a free 30-day demo from their website or buy it from their online store or other authorized dealers. You will not regret adding this amazing plug-in to your arsenal.


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