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Blackberry Curve 9360 Flash File Free Download

How to Flash Blackberry Curve 9360 with Official Firmware

The Blackberry Curve 9360 is a smartphone that was released in 2011 and runs on the Blackberry OS 7.1. It has a 2.44-inch display, a QWERTY keyboard, a 5-megapixel camera, and a 1000 mAh battery. If you own this device and want to update or repair its firmware, you can follow this guide to flash it with the official firmware from Blackberry.


What You Need

  • A Blackberry Curve 9360 device with at least 50% battery charge.

  • A USB cable to connect your device to your computer.

  • A computer with Windows OS and internet connection.

  • The official firmware file for your device model and region. You can download it from the [Blackberry firmware download web page] and select the correct model. Make sure the file name includes "Multilanguage" or "AllLang" in its name, as this means it contains all language packages.

  • The Blackberry USB drivers, which you can download from the [Blackberry website].

  • The BBSAK tool, which you can download from the [BBSAK website].

How to Flash Your Device

  • Install the Blackberry USB drivers on your computer.

  • Install the BBSAK tool on your computer.

  • Run the firmware file that you downloaded and install it on your computer. It will be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader.

  • Go to the AppLoader folder and delete the Vendor.xml file. This file may prevent the firmware from being detected by your device.

  • Restart your computer to refresh the software database.

  • On your device, go to BBM Options, scroll down to Backup section, and enable Remote Backup. Also, perform a Local Backup to your media card. This will save your BBM contacts and settings.

  • Go through any third-party apps that have an option to save settings to your media card and perform a backup within each app. This will save your app preferences and data.

  • Connect your device to your computer using the USB cable.

  • Open the BBSAK tool and enter your device password if you have one. If not, just press OK.

  • Click on the Wipe button to delete the old firmware from your device. This will erase all your data and settings, so make sure you have backed up everything you need.

  • You will see an Error 507 message on your device screen, which means it is ready for the new firmware.

  • Close the BBSAK tool and go to the AppLoader folder again.

  • Find and run the Loader.exe file and follow the on-screen instructions. When asked if you want to keep the old applications in your device, select that you want to install everything from the new firmware.

  • Select your language and applications that you want to install and click Next.

  • Click Finish to start installing the new firmware on your device. This may take several minutes, so do not disconnect your device or interrupt the process.

  • When the installation is complete, your device will restart with the Blackberry logo. The first boot may take up to 30 minutes, so be patient.

  • Disconnect your device from your computer and close the Loader application.

  • You will see a welcome screen with language selection on your device. Follow the setup wizard to complete the initial configuration of your device.


You have successfully flashed your Blackberry Curve 9360 with the official firmware. You can now enjoy the latest features and improvements of the Blackberry OS 7.1. If you encounter any problems or have any questions, feel free to contact us or visit the [Blackberry support website].


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