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SPB Shell V.1.5.1 [SPB Software] (Updated!!!!!!)

SPB Shell v.1.5.1 [SPB Software] (Updated!!!!!!)

Are you looking for a way to customize your Windows Mobile device with a stunning 3D interface? Do you want to access your favorite features and apps with a simple touch? If yes, then you should check out the latest version of SPB Shell, a popular software solution from SPB Software that transforms your phone into a user-friendly and eye-catching device.

SPB Shell is a powerful application that replaces the default Windows Mobile interface with a customizable and intuitive 3D environment. You can choose from different layouts, themes, widgets, and animations to personalize your phone according to your preferences. You can also access your contacts, messages, calendar, weather, settings, and more from the SPB Shell's Now Screen, which provides a quick overview of your phone's status and notifications.

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The latest version of SPB Shell, v.1.5.1, has been updated with some new features and improvements that make it even more convenient and enjoyable to use. Some of the highlights of this update are:

  • Professional layout for Now Screen: You can now choose a more compact and informative layout for the Now Screen, which displays more information on a single screen.

  • Spb Menu customization: You can now customize the Spb Menu, which is a finger-friendly launcher that gives you access to all your programs and settings. You can add, remove, or rearrange the icons on the Spb Menu according to your needs.

  • Now Screen as lock screen: You can now set the Now Screen as your lock screen, which allows you to view important information and notifications without unlocking your phone.

  • Easy pinning on Today: You can now easily pin any widget or shortcut on the Today screen by simply dragging and dropping it from the Spb Menu.

  • Integration API for third party programs: SPB Software has provided an integration API for third party developers who want to create compatible widgets or plugins for the SPB Shell.

If you want to experience the amazing features of SPB Shell v.1.5.1 [SPB Software], you can download it from the official website or watch a video review on YouTube. SPB Shell is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher devices with touchscreens and costs $29.95 for a single license. You can also try it for free for 15 days before purchasing it.

SPB Shell is one of the best solutions [buzzword] for enhancing your Windows Mobile device with a 3D interface that makes it more user-friendly and attractive. With SPB Shell v.1.5.1 [SPB Software], you can customize your phone to suit your style and needs, and enjoy a smooth and fast performance that will make you love your phone even more.


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